Best Price Guarantee


Best Price Best Price Guarantee

  • 1. If you frequently purchase airfares online, you'll know that once your reservation is complete then typically you're locked in and committed. At this point most airfares are simply non-refundable, or otherwise carry large cancellation fees. With our Best Price Guarantee you can avoid both scenarios and save without hesitation!

  • 2. Find an airfare deal on our site, select a Best Price Guarantee for just $14.99 per person, then rest easy knowing your cheap flights have been secured, whilst still being fully refundable without penalty within the same day.

  • 3. The $14.99 fee will be charged per person and will be payable at the time the reservation is made. Once fulfilled, the BPG fee cannot be cancelled, nor refunded, at anytime.

  • 4. If you select the BPG option (at a fee of $14.99 per person), the following terms and conditions apply:

You may cancel any flight-only reservation within same day of booking and receive a full refund (excluding the $14.99 fee per person). * If you find a lower price on the same flights, or you’ve noticed that the airfare drops, within same day of booking you can cancel and receive a full refund (excluding the $14.99 fee).

  • All cancellation requests must be wholly submitted, either via email, or over the phone on +1-888-856-9327, within same day of a completed reservation request (i.e. when the booking was made).




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