Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and a traveler’s paradise for more reasons than one. Seeped in rich history and culture, the city has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing, shopping, nightlife, cuisine, music, arts, architecture and natural beauty. Visiting Zurich can be an eye opening experience for many. It has also been the home of many artists and scientists in the past, and now it prides in being one of the most widely visited cities in all of Europe. So book flight tickets today for coming to Zurich and having a real taste of Swiss culture.


Best time to visit

The best time to visit Zurich would be between the months of June and August as during this time the temperature is moderate. It is also the time when people choose to swim in the lake. The hospitable climate of summer months makes it the peak season for tourism. However, winter also sees a lot of tourists who come here for skiing on Swiss Alps. You can get cheap flights to Zurich during the summer and winter months.
Languages Spoken: Zürich German, Italian, English
Currency used: 1 US Dollar ($) = 1.02 Swiss Franc (SFr.) (approximately)


Where to stay?

Zurich offers a wide range of accommodation options for visitors that suit all kinds of budget preferences. Whether you are looking for the most luxurious hotels or cheap hotels, you can find plenty of great places to stay when you are in this city. These include hotels, hostels, apartments and B&Bs. All of these options come with the basic amenities and features that can make your stay a wonderful one. Among the most notable places to stay are:

Bed & Breakfast Villa Feldpausch

Bed & Breakfast Röseligarten

Richterswil Youth Hostel

Rapperswil-Jona Youth Hostel

FerienwohnungBalmer apartment

FerienwohnungBischofberger apartment

FerienwohnungPfisterEisenbahnstrasse apartment

Hotel Europe

Hotel Ambassador Zürich

Hotel Eden au Lac


What to see?

When you are in Zurich, you will find that this city has no dearth of interesting sightseeing spots that you can explore by foot. Whether you are looking to go down the memory lane and understand the history of this region or spend casual afternoons admiring the unique beauty of this city, you will have plenty of places to visitand things to see.

The Sechseläutenplatz is a famous resting place located between Zurich’s Opera House and Bellevue. A large city square, it is covered by trees, water bodies and places to sit, which makes it an extremely attractive and relaxing spot.



Baden is a popular tourist attraction just 15 minutes from Zurich. This city is known for its high energy thermal water resorts, international culture festivals, an exciting theatrical scene, plenty of natural beauty as well as gambling opportunities at the Casino. You can come here to explore the castle ruins of the Old Town, rejuvenate yourself in the wellness oases or simply take strolls around this area to get a feel of the city.



Chinese Garden
The Chinese Garden is a Temple Garden that is located just by the lake in Zürichhorn. One of the most naturally beautiful attractions of the city, it has a pond and a small island, along with a palace and pavilions.

Waid is located north of River Limmat where you take a road that passes through Wipkingen city district to reach here. This is a vantage point that offers breathtaking views of the entire city. You can also see the Uetliberg as well as the snow-covered Alps at the distance. You can also enjoy nice coffee from Restaurant Waid and enjoy the sights of the region from its terrace.

If you are fascinated by the stars and the planets, then can visit the UraniaSternwarte or UraniaObservatory, a 157-foothigh tower that houses a highly powerful telescope that offers magnification up to about 600 times. While you are here, you can also have a better look at Mars or Juptier or observe the moon’s craters.

The Augustinerkirche church was established in 1270 on the western city walls of Zurich. Later on during Reformation, it was changed into a major coin shop. The Catholic Church of Zurich reclaimed the Augustinerkirche in 1841. In 1959, it was renovated to give its present appearance. The stained glass work, simple but elegant choir area and block altar make it one of the most widely visited churches in Zurich.

Museum SchlossKyburg
The Museum Schloss is located in the Kyburg Castle near the River Töss. The museum showcases numerous medieval artifacts such as armors, weaponry and kitchen items. You can also see the torture chamber and restored chapel frescoes that go back to 15th century. The museum also has a nice collection of medieval costumes, wool pillows and leaf mattresses.


What to eat?

Zurich has a rich culture of wining and dining, and when you are here you can savor the local delicacies that are known for their rich tastes and flavors. Here are some of the most popular dishes in Zurich.

One of the most famous dishes in Zurich, it is a creamy rendition of sautéed veal and mushrooms that is served with nice portions of potato rosti.



The Wurstsalator Sausage Salad is the perfect dish for a hot day. It is best served with beer or ice tea and bread.

This is a preparation made from vegetables and meat cooked on same pot.



Basler Leckerli
Basler Leckerli or basel cookies are sweet dishes that are made with plenty of honey.

Fasnachtsküchlein, also known as Carnival cookies are cookies that are served during the carnival season that takes place in February.

Zurich has numerous eateries and restaurants that are known for their rich ambience and great food. You can try out any of these following places:


Brasserie Federal

Brasserie Louis


George Bar & Grill

A single visit in Zurich is hardly enough to savor all of its delights. At the end of your vacation here in this city, you will certainly want to come back for more. Zurich has a magical touch of its own that will be with you long after you leave this city.

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