Discovered as a very small trading post and being called Hellgate in 1860, Missoula is situated on west Montana on the Clark Fork River! The place gets its scenic setting as here five hills meet, that has given it the name of Hub of Five Valleys. This place happens to be the second largest city based on population. Simply put, this university town provides a stunning range of entertainment options and cultural attractions to explore as well. This place also functions as a great base where you can have a glimpse of some of the best scenic views of Montana. And if you want to visit this town within your budget, you can opt in for the cheap flights to Missoula from and save big.

This town has always attracted the outdoor enthusiasts for its excellent trails and that comprises of 400 acres of parks as well as 22 miles of biking and hiking trails. This city also highlights some of the best conservation land that spans across 5000 acres and that even includes Mount Jumbo and its huge populations of elk and deer. However, once you book your cheap flights to Missoula you can make the most of the city tourist sites that

Visit the Elk Country Visitor Center

As you cross by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which is a team focusing on calving grounds, protecting rangers the Elk Country Visitor Center is a place that you ought to visit when you are in this beautiful university town. In addition to some of its best displays that showcases the wildlife conservation initiatives taken by the group, it offers a scope to know more on the native species across the displays of mounted elks and many other wildlife, in addition to the stunning photos and nature films. Post this you can simply choose to hike around the wooded nature trail where you can have a look at the owls, white-tailed deer, turkeys and the bald eagles. Here you can also opt in for guided tours.

Be there at the Art Museum of Missoula

Created way back in 1975, this museum showcases some of the best works by talented artists who used to reside in west US and having a special emphasis on the Montana artists. Inspite of this attention given on showcasing the new age local works, the Art Museum of Missoula also hosts many high-end global and national exhibitions along with academic workshops and programs. One of the major highlight of this museum is its permanent Contemporary American Indian Art Collection that comprises of over 100 crucial works by the aboriginal population of the state. If you want you can always request for a guided tour.

Visit the Lolo National Forest

One of the most crucial timber regions of Montana, the extensive Lolo National Forest spans across over 2 million acres and is known for its huge grassy and open slopes. In addition to that, this forest comprises of 4 distinct wilderness spots, namely the Rattlesnake Wilderness, Welcome Creek, Scapegoat and the Selway-Bitteroot. Each of these is considered to be major habitats and is also home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Developed way back in 1906, this region showcases some of its excellent recreational scopes that are inclusive of snowmobiling, fishing, skiing and fishing along with trail riding and biking. In addition to its amazing campsites, this forest also comprises of over 700 miles of trails that are perfect for both multi-day adventures as well as casual strolls. You can also try your luck to hike at the Lolo National Historic Trail that got used by the initial non-native visitors of this state. Few other tourist highlights comprises of a chance to view huge western red cedars, with a couple of them as huge as 8 feet in diameter and having a height of 200 feet. The wildlife here includes moose, elk, black bears and the wild mountain goats. One of the site that might draw your attention is the Ninemile Remount Depot and Ninemile Wildlands Training Center close to the Frenchtown as well as the Savenac Historic Tree Nursery close to Haugan. This is a must visit site. So as soon as you book your cheap flights to Missoula you can add this site to your list of sightseeing choices.

Be there at the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

Known as a popular tourist site in ancient Fort Missoula, that was created way back in 1877 at the decision of the local population so that they stay secured from the western Indians of Montana, the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula will provide the visitors with a rather interesting account on the yester years of settlers, townsfolk and the daily soldiers. Here the exhibits showcase the history of the popular timer industry as well as the new age forest management, the function of the fort along with the ancient settlements and highlights 13 original buildings. In addition to that, here you will also have access to academic programs and interesting demonstrations in addition to the best guided tours.

Explore the Historic Wilma Theatre

Officially opened to the public back 1921, the ancient but popular Wilma Theatre has been a rather crucial tourist site of this university town. Established by a well-known citizen named William Simons who had attributed this to his wife, Edna Wilma Simons, a famous opera singer, this 80 story building was acclaimed to be the first high-rise, steel-framed structure in the city. This site is also popular as it comprises of banquet, two cinemas and several meeting facilities as well as a restaurant. Known for its classy interior decor, this site is embellished with ornate Louis XIV gold trim, a huge organ and lavish seating arrangements. This venue has been also used for many annual events, festivals, important concerts and literary events that also comprised the much talked about Wildlife Film Festival.

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