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It’s not just the famous Glasgow University that the city of Glasgow is known for! The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow has graduated itself from being an industrial city to a cultural hub, boasting its rich shipbuilding heritage. Numerous ocean liners are being established on the banks of River Clyde. No wonder the city draws travellers from round the globe offering them a wide range of tourist attractions to explore. The city is a harmonious blend of dazzling cosmopolitan life and intriguing tourist spots. Refined aesthetics defines Glasgow.You will have plenty to discover here.


Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this Scotland city is between the months of March and August. Though a winter vacation here is also desirable, as its off-season that gives you the chance to bag great discounts in flights and hotels.
Languages spoken: English, Pictish Language
Currency: Pound(1 Pound = 1.52 Dollars)


Things to see

Glasgow Cathedral & Necropolis
This was established on a site where Mungo or St.Kentigern, who was the very first bishop in the earlier Strathclyde’s British Kingdom, was assumed to have his burial ground back in 612 AD. What you will see today, i.e. the existing cathedral was created between 13th and 15th centuries. This happens to be the only medieval cathedral present in Scottishmainland thatsustained itself through the 1560 Reformation and that’s totally complete. The architecture has old medieval influence that is worth exploring with ample time at hand.

Glasgow Science Centre
Add an interesting angle to your Glasgow tour by heading to Glasgow Science Center. Regardless, of whether you a science student, an expert at any science subject or a total science novice, here the exhibitions showcased are nothing less than fascinating. You get to sit in a chair that shrinks instantly, become a giant just by walking through a door and the like. Walk into the planetarium and simply recline back to have a look at the star galaxies and magic of the night sky. Young, adult or old, the Glasgow Science Center is perfect for a family visit.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
If you have an affinity to vintage influences, this is your place! Kelvingrove is a stunning museum situated in the western extreme of Glasgow. It is housed inside a quaint Victorian building dating back to 19th century. Allow your eyes to have a treat by watching some of the world’s best cultural artefacts curated in an excellent way. This museum showcases 22 galleries that are filled with 8000 artistic wonders that would impress all kinds of visitors. You don’t need to pay admission fee here. So you can have all the fun for free!

St. Enoch Centre
If you are both style and brand conscious, then this is going to be a dazzling shopping haven for you. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from Holiday Inn Express City Centre Riverside. Here you will find shops such as Hamley’s Toy Store, Topshop, H&M and Debenhams and many more. So if you always wanted that scope to splurge, then this is your zone. You will love the experience here.

Opt in for a wee dram
If too much traveling and touring gets you all tired and fatigued or thirsty then without much ado make it to Wellpark Brewery. Here you can grab a free pint of the city’s “favourite lager”. As you reach you will be directed to a guided walk explaining the whole brewing process, i.e. right from mashing to canning. However, on the way there’s going to be Tennet pints. This is Duke Street and it boasts of at least 450 years of a rich brewing tradition.

Willow Tearooms
As you walk into Willow Tearooms you just breathe in all the elegance and splendour that surrounds you. Designed by the globally acclaimed artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, back in 1904, here the tea rooms enable you to transport yourself into a fantasy zone with the Art Deco beauty around. Hence, an afternoon tea session actually acquires an added dimension. This is the best way to unwind, detaching yourself from the city chaos. As you leave you check into the Gift Shop as well.

Attractive for both children and adults, Sharmanka is a creative performance that is done combing music with animated mechanical structures. Thus you will see kinetic structures that move according to choreographed directions to great music. The lighting too is in sync with the music and ambience. The story that is depicted talks about life and death, giving it an interesting angle thereby offering different perspectives to the audience.


Best Hotels

Keeping its refined aesthetics and splendour intact, Glasgow provides a chain of stunning hotels to its visitors. Each hotel has its own speciality and caters to every customer required. Some of the best names to choose from include Grand Central Hotel, Hotel Indigo Glasgow, Blythswood Square Hotel and Carlton George Hotel.

The Scottish Platter
Glasgow’s cuisine scene will have Scottish influences and there’s more than Scotch that the city offers. When you are here, don’t miss the following must-eat’s:

Cali Burger at the Breads Meat Bread
This is a huge burger that contains of two mustard fried patties inside a baroque bun. It’s more than filling!

Notdog at Bloc
You will find this to be an interesting mix of veggie chilli, falafel, avocado, walnuts, apricots, cheese sauce along with American mustard. This certainly has more than a hotdog and hence the name. You can even order a veggie version.

Seitan Asada at The Squid and Whale
The seitan gets marinated in spices and fresh lime, and then served with jalapenos, refritos, rice, guacamole or inside a burrito.

Smoked Tasting Plate at The Meat Bar
A tasty platter of chicken wings, venison ribs, pulled pork along with rabbit meat balls.

Last but not the least; give your vacation in Glasgow a perfect finish by opting for a splendid shopping experience. Known to be a popular British shopping destination, the city offers you retail hubs at Argyle Street, Sauchiehall Street and Buchannan Street.

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